A downloadable game for Windows

In a dystopian world of grey, our hero, Monkey with Legs, must venture forth and purchase a freakin' adorable gift for his girlfriend's birthday.

Jump around! Get money! Do whatever it takes to get to the end of these daunting levels, lovingly crafted by the 14 of the 17 most brilliant minds at Drexel University.

Do not get hurt. I would be so sad if something happened to you.

Snubbed by DragonHacks 2020. Approved by 1 out of 2 judges. Do you have what it takes to overcome this challenge?

"Hey all you people, won't you listen to meee?" - One of the Judges, Probably (2020)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, coins, dying, Funny, lava, monkey, Singleplayer, toilet

Install instructions

It's an exe. I swear it's not a virus. I don't know how to make those. Just please play my awesome badass monkey game.


FMSCG_0.0.1.zip 63 MB


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Funny Monk


im pleasently suprised this game blew me off my feet pls make more monkey game this was quite epic boss


im actually shocked by how good it is designed

Thank you!


cool game)


The music was too good in this game! I struggled at some parts, but I think the levels were well made. Well worth playing this game to the end hahaha. I start the gameplay for this game at 3:55. 

Thank you for playing! I loved the commentary, and the feedback is much appreciated. I plan on updating the game over time, so I hope you’ll stay tuned! :)

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It isn't a virus. That doesn't mean it wasn't traumatizing. More of a tearjerker than 13 Reasons Why.